Zen up for peace and calmness in your life

Zen – A feeling of peace and calmness, an enlightenment to lead a blissful life or in layman terms a relaxing way of doing things. How do you go about your life without worrying about it?

This life is ours to live. It is entirely up to us on how we want to live it. The way our life turns out depends upon how we look at things, how we respond and react, how much we hold on and how much we let go. As per Shunryu Suzuki, a Zen monk and a teacher, “The true purpose of Zen is to see things as they are and to let everything go as it goes”.

The way we Zen up our life is different for each of us. Meditation, dance, music, walks are the various supports that boost us in creating a Zen life. But these are not enough. We need to ensure that we create habits that strengthen and enhance the quality of life.

The principles of life that we can follow to get into the Zen mode can be broadly classified into these 3 essence:

Work on yourself

Peaceful scene

Believe in yourself, prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing, seek knowledge, learn and grow, laugh as much as you can, be grateful for what you have, create habits that serve you, identify what is your quest in life, find your peace, create love as the center of your emotional axis, identify your X-factor and create your own life.

Work on how you see the outer world

Don’t look at external factors of a person without knowing them, don’t validate yourself and your life by seeing and mimicking the outer world and don’t let your past experiences and prejudice let you see the world differently.

Work on what you are giving to this world

People giving food to each other

Create a world of trust, create meaningful relationships and friendships. Let your soul shine by spreading love, kindness, happiness around, listen to people without judging them and speak only if you have something to say.

To sum it all, there are A to Z pointers in life that help us traverse in life. These mantras make this journey of life easier. Follow these persistently to create new habits. Make the life you live, worth living. Create a life of peace and calmness, at least for yourself. Every day is a blessing, give it your all and Zen up your life.

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