X-Factor, what’s yours?

man wearing blue shorts about to dive on body of water

A special noteworthy quality or talent is what sets us apart from the crowd. The X-factor. An outstanding extraordinary ability, something that makes others notice us. Don’t we all yearn to have a quality that makes us stand out and get us the byproducts of having the X-factor; fame, reputation, importance and popularity.

Unfortunately, when we hear and talk about X-factor, the standards set are quite high. We only speak about extraordinary talents that is easily seen by the world. Super creative, highly intelligent, supreme strength are qualities we see that make people special. Easy to identify when on the right platforms, we desperately seek to have any of these X-factors.

In reality we all have the X-Factor that brings out the best in us. Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, Patience, Humility, Positivity, are virtues that we often underestimate and take for granted. Since some of these characteristics take time to be noticed and realized, we don’t even consider them as something that makes us distinguishable. We fail to appreciate the outcomes that these qualities bring about in our lives. The effect of these X-factors is slow but long-term and they serve us throughout our lives in a positive way.

It is more important to have X-factor that forms the foundation of our characteristic. If a person is a par excellence singer but is very arrogant and rude to people, his X-Factor of singing will not take him far. In fact, humility in addition to the singing capabilities will take him places.

Encourage the good traits along with your special talents to lead a balanced living and create more of universal happiness. Develop and nurture the X-Factors that bring about more harmony, peace and love in your lives and in the lives of people around you.

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