Vortex Of Love

Love. A powerful emotion that creates beautiful moments. A strength that inspires us to grow in life. A sentiment that keeps us unified. A feeling that creates a desire to look forward to the days of our life. A driving force in our lives.

Love in reality is only “good” feelings. There is no bad side to love. On its own, love cannot be too much or very little. It’s only when love is combined with other feelings it gets very complex.

The vortex of love that each one of us carry within us varies. The emotions that revolve round the axis of love causes the love to be combined with different emotions. When positive emotions like patience, joy, gratitude, care, respect, is near the axis of love and anger, pride, jealousy are farther from the axis, the vortex is controlled, and love combines more with the positive feelings. When combined with positive emotions, love grows strong and aids in creating wonderful things in life. When the negative emotions are closer to the axis, love combines with them to create a vortex that is unmanageable. The result of this combination with suspicion, anger, ego, is over-possessiveness, violence, mistrust.

Keeping love as the center of our vortex is extremely important since the love that we have as the center, also has multiple layers. And each of these layers are essential.  To know what is love, always start with self-love. Self-love means accepting ourselves as we are, forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, not judging our actions and taking care of self, inside out. Once we start loving ourselves, it becomes easier and familiar to spread this love to the second layer. The second layer comprises of loving people and places we know. Family, friends, relatives, our pets, this world, our country and the place we live in. And the same rules of self-love apply here too. Accept people, forgive them for their mistakes, don’t judge and take good care of the people and the places that we live. The outer most or the third layer is love for the rest of the world. Strangers and unknown people and places. Being kind and compassionate, helping people without any motive are some ways to express love to unfamiliar and unknown people. Having all these layers of love helps multiply the “good” feelings and vibes, help us attract all the good things in life and makes this world a better place to live in.

To love and be loved gives us an inner gratification and a sense of belonging and fulfillment that makes living this life worthy.

Create your vortex of love thoughtfully and with the right measure of emotions, to open your heart, to give love and graciously accept all the love you receive.

“Love opens the most impossible gates; love is the gate to all the gates of the universe”. – Swami Vivekananda.

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