Unscramble your thoughts

We humans, have the ability to think, remember, and analyze any experience that we go through. Remembering and analyzing are the by-products of our thoughts and are reasons to overcomplicate our simple life! A life that we create based on the quality of our thoughts.

Thoughts are something that keep flowing in and out of our mind. Thoughts that get triggered from our senses. Thoughts that get generated from our past experience, our future worries.  Thoughts that range from what we feel within to what others are thinking about us. Thoughts that take us away from the now.

Many a times, we are unaware of what we think. Random thoughts get generated when we see, hear, or feel something, giving rise to some other related thoughts, getting us entangled in the circle of thoughts that are never ending and unknowingly, we get lost in them. We also allow it to wander on petty and unimportant topics. These kinds of thoughts that do not serve us, that robs us of the constructive time are often scrambled and scrambled thoughts take us away from the kind of life we want to create.

Unscrambling thoughts is not easy. Thinking without thinking, is something that we have all got used to. Since we are not aware of what we are thinking, we allow it to flow in any direction. Hence, the first step is to be conscious of our thoughts. Once we are conscious of what we think, we can control the unintentional thoughts and let go of the inconsequential ones that consume our mind and our energy.

Why is it important to unscramble the thoughts and be conscious? Thoughts and the life that we create are interconnected. Positive thoughts create positive energy around us, help us handle things in a constructive manner, thereby bringing pleasant experiences into our life. These in turn create a life that we look forward to. Whenever mind wanders on thoughts that are not useful, just remind yourself about the kind of life you would like to create.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”. This quote by Mahatma Gandhi reveals the impact of thoughts in our life. When we unscramble our thoughts, we unscramble ourselves and thereby, our life!

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