Silence is Golden

Years seem to be speeding away and days passing by in the blink of an eye. In today’s world we have so many things to process and comprehend, so many new technologies to learn and keep up with, new inventions that are captivating. And all this in addition to our daily routine of family, work, sports, politics and movies, making us hardly notice days turning into months and months into years. Our sense organs and our mind are constantly bombarded with an overdose of information giving us very little time to be with ourselves, very little time for silence.

Silence. It is the quietness that allow us to hear unsaid things, the tranquility that the mind and the ears need, to clear the whirlpool of thoughts and words that surround us day in and day out. Silence allows us to find few quiet moments in the otherwise hectic life.

Soothing music, hard rock, children crying, the sound of the TV playing, are some of the sounds that some of us are accustomed to and like listening. But many a times, we are exposed to noisy environments, unnecessary talks when we are not ready for it. We meet people who believe talking is everything. Irrespective of their knowledge, the environment they are in, they talk. Yes, sometimes talking helps but there are situations in life where other people want you to just listen. When there is quietness, we can hear what the other person is really saying and not saying, and this, can be a wonderful trait.  

Silence does not only mean verbal silence. It also includes mental silence and is important, especially during chaotic times. When the mind seems scrambled, unable to think, silence provides the clarity. When we feel frustrated and messed up, when there’s a lot going on in our lives, silence plays the role of a healer. It quietens the mind and allows the space we need, to get back into the groove. When we feel the need to be alone, silence provides the solitude.

The importance of silence is present in many religious scriptures. Silence is a way of augmenting the connection with God. It is considered as one of the disciplines of the mind. When used appropriately and in proper time it keeps people out of trouble. Even if you are an atheist, silence is beneficial. Silence of the mind aids in keeping oneself calm, thereby moving us towards peace and bliss.

Silence is indeed golden when we make use of it wisely and at appropriate times.

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