Quest for happiness

Each one of us are in pursuit of different wants in life. Love, health, wealth, a good job, a wonderful family. Well, you all know the list. But why is it that we want any of these things? What is it that all these things give us? We want love because it makes us cared for and it makes us happy. We want health so that we can enjoy the good things in life by being physically and mentally fit. We want wealth so that we can own the materialistic things that make us happy. Yes, though we all have different wants in life, the underlying quest in our life is happiness.

So, what is this happiness? By definition it means content, pleasure, satisfaction, joy, bliss. Many a times we feel that something is missing in our life that deprive us of our happiness. People having love want a better life, people having wealth want better health, people having wonderful health long for love and this longing for things we don’t have make us wander in the circle of life denying us of satisfaction, joy, content, inner peace and thus denying us of happiness. As it happens in life, there are exceptions and there are people who have everything they want; love, health, wealth, but are still unhappy.

Is it really possible to attain happiness, bliss by having all that we want? Well, no. In addition to happiness linked with our wants, we are also constantly interrupted and bombarded by external events, events that rob us of our happiness. Since we live in a world which is very diverse, people who think differently, environment that is varied, different cultures, beliefs, there is bound to be differences. And this too can lead to unpleasantness and unhappiness in our lives.

How then can we achieve happiness? First and foremost, we must identify what is it that we want to pursue in life. If indeed we are on a quest for happiness, we must shift our focus from our wants to our happiness. Introspect on what really makes us happy and start loving our life. Ask ourselves if the path we are on would lead us to happiness. Stop depending on external happenings to feel happy. As Aristotle rightly said, “Happiness depends upon ourselves”. It just depends on how committed we are to attain and conquer this quest.

If you are devoted to lead this life with happiness as your topmost priority, begin now. Are you ready to begin your quest for happiness?

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