Nuances of Life

Life, our very existence in this world.  From the time we are born to the time we leave is a journey called life. And the time we have in this world is not unlimited. There is an expiry date for every one of us. Hence, it is very important to ensure that we make the best of this life.

We often lead our lives looking at the big picture. Our dreams, our goals, our desires. Which is very important and necessary. However, we sometimes get lost in chasing the bigger things in life that we don’t realize how the smaller actions that we take, the subtleties of life that we understand and practice, lead us closer to what we want and help us get to our destination. If we follow certain nuances of life, it not only gets us to our goals, but we also enjoy the process and the journey towards it.

The first and foremost is to look within us. This serves two purposes. One we will stop being curious and judgemental about people around us, which creates unnecessary noise in our minds and takes up most of our time. Second, we will spend time doing what we love, evolving our passion and stop seeking validation from the external world. This will free our mind from worries about what others will think, saving us time to focus on the aspects that matter to us.

Learning to let go is another characteristic that allows us to move forward in life and get our thoughts untangled. We often hold on to people, our past, anger, resentments, ego, fear, making our minds scrambled. Letting go creates clarity and calmness in the mind which again gives us a push to move in the direction we want.

There are plenty of such small pointers in life that help us tremendously. Doing things that make us happy, learning to prioritize time for people and things that matter to us, being kind, being in the present, being mindful of what we think, going after things that we want but also slowing down when it’s necessary, add up to creating a life that’s worth living.

When we listen to such talks that motivates us, though we get upbeat, we always feel it’s easier said than done. But in truth understanding and practicing the nuances of life depends on where we are in our life, where we want to go and how we want our life to unravel. Life goes on whether we follow them or not. Finally, it is our choice on how we want to live. Just remember that we are not here forever. So, make the best of your time on this planet and make your existence worth it.

What are the nuances of life that you practice which has helped you in reaching your goals?

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