Jump into the unknown

Why do we humans, like things as they are? Why do we fear change? Why do familiar things and environment make us comfortable? What is it that stops us from jumping into the unknown?

As per numerous studies, books, materials, our thinking and our actions, especially the subconscious ones are wired based on our habits. And any shift in the habit creates a sense of discomfort in our minds and we find it difficult to adapt to the new habits and changes. A change in the place of work, home, people in our lives, magnify the feelings of uncertainties that are within us. It unsettles us and anything that unsettles us make us feel uneasy.

Life hands out opportunities to us in unexpected ways. It only requires some courage, some changes, some new habits to take this opportunity and create a new life that we imagine, the dream life that we aspire. But when life hands us the opportunities, we either don’t recognize them or if we do, then we are unable to move forward just because it is unfamiliar, because we fear change, because we self-doubt and because we fear failures. Then we start reasoning and figuring out all the “what ifs” there are in this world. What if it doesn’t work out, what if people think I’ve gone crazy and then we start believing the what ifs and instead of taking the jump, we stay wherever we are, either with little movement or completely stuck in our lives. We hardly believe or even think “what if” everything works out for the better or “what if” it doesn’t work out, but I still would’ve learnt something new.

It’s not that everyone is scared to jump into the unknown. There are people who have risen above their fears, made changes in their belief systems and taken the plunge. Some of them are driven by their desires and some of them make the changes when an unfortunate event force them to change. It’s not wise to let life push us to the rock bottom to rise from there. Instead, be sensible, pursue the unknowns that are waiting to be explored, recognize the opportunities, trust your intuition and just go for it.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you away from a life that you deserve. Just remember the saying by PT Burnam , “Comfort is the enemy of progress”, which aptly summarizes this.

2 responses to “Jump into the unknown”

  1. The arguments to support the statement, “Jump into the unknown” is very nicely put forward.

    The last statement, “Comfort is the enemy of progress”, somehow does not do justice to the overall message in the write up:

    1. Comfort indicates a state of mind while “progress” is a changing and dynamic phenomenon.
    2. Being content at the currect comfort level is the enemy of progress!
    3. I do not recognize the name PT Burnam and many readers too. In order to quote him it is necessary to educate the reader about Burnam (say, 3-4 sentences) to establish the authenticity of the statement!

    Very nice topic.

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      The statement “Comfort is the enemy of progress” is to summarize as to what stops us from jumping into the unknown. We normally get comfortable where we are and hence the fear of change, and unfamiliarity prevents us from taking decisions that might lead us to the next step in our life which is progress. If it works it is progress, if it doesn’t, it still is progress since we have now conquered our fears and also learnt something in the process. Hope this justifies the statement.

      I do agree that PT Burnam is not a name that is known to many, but the quote is something that I relate to and felt relevant to add to the article.

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