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We all wish for health, happiness, wealth, love in our lives. People with lack of money wish for wealth, people who are lonely wish for love, people who are sick wish for health, people who are unhappy wish for happiness. But “Peace of mind” is something everyone in this world wishes for.

Our lives run in auto mode on a day-to-day basis. Our time is dictated by schedules and deadlines. Our thoughts are driven by what we see, hear and feel. Our mind is “at work” most of the times, processing and comprehending about what has gone by or getting ready for the next thought, next moment. We hardly pause our thoughts or be aware of the thoughts that we process. Yes, there are moments where we try to do things we love, activities that gives us a sense of tranquility and find our peace. But then we get back to our race. So, we have long phases of stress, worries, thoughts and very few peaceful moments in between. We need to increase our moments of peace to get to that quiet space where our mind feels rested and ready to face life with calmness.

What really is peace of mind and why is it so important to us? Finding peace means to be free from worries, free from stress and have a sense of calmness and stillness in the otherwise chaotic, overthinking, exaggerating mind. Peace is more than just finding calmness only while doing activities that we love. When we find our inner peace, our inner calmness, it gives us the ability to handle challenging situations, to deal with people who irritate us, to hold ourselves up in face of adversity, to be forgiving, for our own good and to not let outer events affect our thoughts and behavior. With restlessness in our mind reduced, our physical health also improves. Being in peace heals our mind and our body.

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There is no specific formula to find peace. Each person is different and finds peace in different actions. Does meditation give you peace? Does walking in nature give you peace? Does dancing give you peace? Does exercising give you peace? Whatever it is that makes your mind peaceful, do that. Don’t get influenced by what others do, to feel peaceful. Find your own peace!

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