Knowledge is Power

Everyone wants to grow in life. Growth in finance, growth in career, growth in mindfulness. Life is all about growth, and to grow, one of the things that is necessary, is to keep evolving and learning new things.

Knowledge can be acquired through experience or education. Both are important. Both are needed. When knowledge is acquired though study or education, it must be deep, understood and applied. Efforts inspired by knowledge can create abundance and guide you into the growth path. When knowledge is acquired through experience it is more graspable and remains with you. In whatever way it is acquired, the knowledge gained must be used effectively, used for yourself and used to change the world and willingly shared. When knowledge is shared, it shapes the future of people around us, and aids in creating a better world.

In today’s digital world it is easy to get information just by the click of a mouse. This is useful and, in some conditions, harmful. We have plenty of “Online Doctors”, giving advice on medicines and health care by reading online articles! There are people who constantly check online for every small problem they encounter. You can also get information on any topic/ doubt/ problem by posting your questions online and get answers from people who are knowledgeable or experienced. And when you have so much information, it is easy to get lost and at the end of it learn nothing or be more confused. Being aware of where to get the right information and knowledge is the key.

“Knowledge is Power” only when it is understood, applied in our day to day lives and shared as much as possible. It adds value to our life.

In quest for knowledge, don’t limit yourself to just bookish knowledge and specific topics. Be ready to explore and learn new things that helps you grow in all aspects of life. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

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