Mind “matters”

Mind is the most powerful thing. Though this is a known fact since hundreds of years, it is only gaining importance now. Over last some years there have been lots of content, books, podcasts, seminars, videos that emphasise that mind “matters”.

Most of us know that what we eat affects our body, our health and our mood! Eating heaty food gives us ulcers, pimples, heat boils, sugary foods cause weight gain, tooth decay and other issues with health, eating too much spicy food gives a burning sensation in our mouth and stomach and eating right keeps us healthy.  So basically, anything we feed our body with, it affects us. But very few people understand that what we feed our mind with, affects the way we lead our life. It affects the way we react, respond, perceive and interpret things that happen in our life.

Let’s say you watch an intense action movie for 2 to 3 hours. Also watch a comedy movie where you laugh your gut out. Once you are out of these movies, is your state of mind same? The same applies for gaming. When you play violent video games for hours together it affects the mental state and the way you respond to people. Each of the things we see, hear, do, think, changes our thought process, our behaviour, our reactions, our choices, which in turn influences our life.

We take care of our physical body and physical health by exercising, moderating and controlling our food habits. And because it is visible to the outside world, we become more conscious about it and try to address it. Whereas we feel our mind is within us and that it is not visible to the outside world. Hence, we are hardly conscious about what we feed our mind. On the contrary, we need to focus and be conscious of the content our mind consumes. Being aware of what we think, do, see, hear and moderating our mind by means of meditation, dance, reading, music or anything that soothes or calms the mind, is equally important.

We need to remember that our mind is more powerful than we think. A healthy mind aids in creating a positive mindset, overcoming the challenges we face in our daily life and reduce stress. And all this is required to lead a balanced life, a stress-free life.

As Napoleon Hill says, “A positive mind finds a way it can be done; a negative mind looks for all the ways it can’t be done”. Prioritize and be mindful of your mind matters, because “mind matters”!

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    Very true and most important.

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