Let your soul shine

We all want a better world for ourselves. A world that is free from hatred, discrimination, manipulation, selfishness. But we often forget that the world gets created and moulded based on what each of us contribute.

When we are born, we are all filled with cherubic innocence, love, trust and goodness. As we grow up, we are exposed to our environment, people, comments, reactions. These external events start building our new behavior; we become egoistic, fearful of being judged, conscious of our appearance and we get entangled in our daily fight for life.

The feelings we have within us are what we start transmitting along. The anxiety, the worry, the sadness, the self-pity is all transmitted as anger, hate in our conversations and this flow of bad feelings and energy spread faster than we think. Hatred spreads instantly and there are plenty of social media hate posts that become viral and spread chaos, unpleasantness, anger.

If hatred can spread, so can love. And for love to spread, we need to grow and nurture the feeling of love within us. A heartfelt smile, a loving hug, an act of selflessness, gratitude for what we have, amplifies the positive energies within us and around us. It allows us to transcend our ego, giving a feeling of inner peace and bliss. It lets our soul shine.

Most of us live the way we have been living without realizing how our inner emotions affect our lives. We don’t realize that these feelings, emotions are already a part of our habits, of us. For some, there is a period of awakening. This can be in the form of some unfortunate incident, some motivational lectures, some good books, practice of meditation, that either forces us or inspires us to change our habits. This is when we understand the deeper meaning of existence and start to look within.

We can live forever with the feelings of worry, negative emotions and be gone one day without realizing the true purpose and intention of our life. Or we can be helpful, spread the love, compassion, kindness, happiness around and make this world a better place to live in.

Just touching one more soul with your kindness will make your soul shine more. Are you ready to let your soul shine?

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  1. In genaral, the analysis of the topic, examples to underscore the hypothesis are quite impressive.. I am writing this after reading the previous 3 postings. As I said earlier, they are thought provoking. the topics chosen are relevant, and the arguments to unerscore the topic are excellent. From the language point of view, it is crisp and clear.

    looking forward to the next week!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

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