Grass is greener on the other side

In today’s world where people broadcast the better part of their lives on digital display, we are constantly comparing, validating our life with what we see on social media. And, it always seems like people other than us are enjoying and leading a better life!

We humans have forever been like this; wanting for things which others have. In olden days (before the social media era) we used to long for relationships, material things, lifestyle, that other people have when we used to meet or hear about them. So, the frequency of comparing our life with others and getting bugged about our own life and things we didn’t have was much lesser. Now with devices in front of our eyes literally the whole day, we are exposed to every aspect of people’s lives. We only see what others want us to see. Without realizing this, we long for what they have just by seeing the snapshots on social media.

Apart from social media, our experience in life also has us looking for things we don’t have or no longer have. People in a relationship think being single was better off and singles are ready to mingle and get into relationships. Homemakers think about working and working people think about quitting. Children want to grow up fast and adults want be kids again.

Looking for grass on the other side thinking its green only complicates life. Instead, be grateful and appreciate what you have. Reminisce fondly on what has gone by, but don’t hold on to it. Have your own set of goals and focus on achieving them. Take time to water your own grass and make it green!

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