I’ll be there for you!

Friendships and friends, an all-important bond of our life. A bond that is created from smiles, small talks, vibes and energy. A bond when right, is created for life.

A friend can be your school mate, college mate, colleague, neighbor, or maybe someone from your family. Someone who you can speak to anytime of the day or night and understands you. Someone who is your punch bag, your dirt washer, your secret keeper, your go-to person, your partner-in-crime, your fun mate, and on and on. The roles a friend plays is endless.

But all friends are not same. They fit into different buckets, and you have different vibes and responses to each of them.

Forever friend, also your best friend who’s been with you from kindergarten or school and is forever there for you. Even distance does not diminish this friendship. They know everything about you, including that which your family doesn’t know. They know exactly when you are feeling on top of the world and when you are feeling down and out, they know you inside out even without you telling them how you feel. They don’t judge you, they yell at you when they are mad at you and they are real in their affections and love. In today’s world they are called BFFs. (Best Friends Forever, for those who don’t know!)

Dependable friends. You know they are there for you whenever you need them. You just need to call or tell them, and they make themselves available. They might not be your closest friend or someone who knows all your secrets. But you know you can rely on them.

Fair weather friends. They are there when things are bright and sunny or when they need you and become conveniently invisible, busy, when you need them.

Guest appearance friends. You meet these friends occasionally and when you are with them you feel like BFFs and then once they are away neither of you talk to each other.

Casual friends. I also call them hi-bye friends. They are your friends no doubt. But you don’t think about them when you need someone, they don’t mean any harm to you. You just have a pleasant conversation and still feel friendly vibes from them.

Frenemy. You know what it means!! Yeah, a friend who in some ways is your enemy too! You can find them in your workplace, next door or within your family! They exhibit behavior of jealousy, high competition, obsessive inquisitiveness which diminishes the friendly vibes.

Phew! So many buckets and so many different sets of friends. But every person in this world must have that one friend who knows you more than you know yourself and with whom you can be you without the pretense, without hesitancy, without fear of being judged. Basically you being you, just the way you are. And when the going gets tough, that one friend is enough to get you going again.

Be that friend!

Photo by Hannah Nelson on Pexels.com

2 responses to “I’ll be there for you!”

  1. //You being you// that sums up friendship for me.
    What a beautiful piece on friends.

    1. Thank you Pratibha 🙂

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