One shot of laughter

Laughter, the best medicine. It makes us forget our worries; makes us feel warm from within, relaxes the body and mind and makes us feel good.

So, what does laughter do to us that we feel good? Studies show that laughter increases the oxygen intake, releases endorphins, reduces stress hormones, and it improves our immune system. In addition, it also increases the bond we have with people and help create lifelong connections. Well, that’s a bonus!

There are many types of laughter. The warm or real laughter is when you laugh from within. It warms up your heart, your face and you feel good instantly. It’s genuine and instant. Then there is the insane laughter, that is so uncontrollable, and you literally look and sound like a maniac. The leaky laughter is next. This is when you leak from many places; tears from your eyes, you pee a little and sometimes a bit (or a lot) of saliva comes out and whatever comes out, you just cannot stop laughing. Last but not the least is the fake laughter. This is normally used (yes used) to impress someone, to display sarcasm, or sometimes in a laughter club, though in laughter club you might eventually start laughing genuinely. Other than the fake laughter, the other types are beneficial for you. Yes, including the leaky laughter.

How do you ensure you have this shot of laughter frequently in your life? Do what makes you happy, be around with people who make you happy, and in this digital world, watch that which brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh. Create experiences that you enjoy; traveling, reading, dancing, getting drenched in rain. Create happiness within. It is not easy especially during challenging times but try and remember that one shot of laughter everyday will help you create a better life in every way.

What are you waiting for? Get your shot of laughter today.

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  1. Dear Sneha:

    I read through the writings on this issue, and found them to be quite thought provoking. The topics are dealt with critical analysis and light hearted stories to emphasize the point.

    Keep writing and send them when you have time.

    With best wishes, Rama Bhat

    1. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. Will surely write more. To get updated articles please subscribe with your email ID (at the end of the page there is a box to enter your email id)

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