Don’t break trust

The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It is also the easiest to break.

We first learn to communicate and as we communicate, we form a bond. A bond with our family, friends, relatives, colleagues, and over time this bond becomes stronger and grows into trust. And once the trust is established, we are ready to dive into this relation, connection and give it our all. This is when YOU trust a person. Similarly, there are plenty of people who trust you. Trust you with their money, trust you with their secrets, trust that you will respect them, and even trust you with their life.

There are various degrees of pain, grief, scars, unworthiness, that is born when the trust is broken. The most common is often money related. We hear stories of friends and family cheating in business, stealing, deceiving people who trust them. Then you have people who break trust using secrets to blackmail and robbing them of their peace. The worst is when the dignity and self-respect of a person is broken. Kids, teens, and even adults are molested and abused by their own family members, family friends, and people who they respect and are left scarred and scared to trust anyone. Each of these horrifying incidents breaks a person from within and one such incident is enough for a person to lose trust forever.

On the other side, when you live up to a person’s trust and constantly uplift them, help them and show them that you care with your presence with complete honesty and respect, you become a part of creating a beautiful world. You are a hero to that person.

To make this world a beautiful place to live in, don’t break trust, build one.

“When you break or build trust, you change a life.

Build and live up to a person’s trust in you.

Be good, be kind and be trustworthy”

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