Emotional, are you?

Human emotions are so overrated and yet when it really matters, it is underrated. Especially the feelings we have for our fellow beings. We speak about human emotions and how important it is to be aware, communicate and understand how we feel. And we speak emotionally about it. But when it comes to showing empathy, kindness, compassion, sympathy to other people, we often fail.

So, what are emotions? In simple words they are our response to our thoughts and external events that happen around us. As per studies, there are basic emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear. Then there are complex emotions which can be a combination of emotions, like contempt, pain, relief. These very emotions influence the way we go through our life and the choices we make.

Emotions can range from feeling emotional about yourself to feeling emotional about people around you. Normally emotional people feel sorry for themselves, get hurt easily, dwell in their thoughts, and every emotion is magnified based on what they are going through in their life. There are plenty of people who are in this category. Their emotional state is mainly driven by their feelings for themselves.

Then there are people who get emotional for other people. They feel emotional while watching or seeing other people in dire state. Movies and videos make them emotional; they cry over it, and then they go back to their normal life. They do have feelings, understanding for other people but it is in the moment. They connect to people who are going through happiness, sadness in their life since they are sensitive about their own feelings.

Lastly, there are who are emotional and feel empathy for people around them. Their emotions drive them to do something towards other beings, help them, be a part of healing the world by spreading joy, love, kindness. They are selfless and don’t expect anything in return.

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Handling emotions is not as easy as it sounds. But being kind to yourself, being aware of how you feel, feeling gratitude for all that you have is a good way to start and extend this kindness, compassion to people you meet along the way.

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