Believe you can

A statement that we often hear, a statement that is powerful, and a statement that we often underestimate; “Believe you can”.

We often undermine our capabilities and carry self-doubt about the things that we can achieve. And even when we take the first step, we often get discouraged by people around us, the experiences of other people and above all, our own internal fears.

Shruti was very creative from a young age and was good at writing. She loved poetry and had written quite a lot of poems. Though her parents encouraged her for her writing, they accepted it as her hobby, while Shruti wanted to make a career of it. She wasn’t sure if she could earn a living out of it and her parents echoed her thoughts. Finally, Shruti became a software engineer. She did not stop writing and her frustrations about not making writing as a career came out as beautiful words of poetry. Shruti worked in the IT industry for few years, but her inner voice kept telling her to take up writing more. Shruti still wasn’t sure so while working she started posting her poems in social media and was surprised by the response. She eventually quit her job and became a successful writer. It took her time to realize and believe that “she can”. Once she believed that, there was no stopping her.

Raghuveer struggled for more than a decade to create a successful business. He always believed “he can”, did not let anyone change his decision and his persistence and belief paid off.

Chirag did not allow his visual impairment to come in the way of his dream, of creating a better environment for the visually impaired people and successfully created “Sambhav Foundation”.

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There are numerous real-life stories that have inspired us and have proven that if you believe you can, you will be able to achieve what you set out to do. We hear stories of physically challenged people doing things which we normally would think impossible; people like Helen Keller who despite being blind and deaf was a successful author. We see people around us, people we know, achieve the impossible.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Go ahead and do the things that you believe “you can”! What are you waiting for?

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