Think not, what others think about you!

As per studies, people have thousands of thoughts in a day!

What are these thoughts about? There are plenty of topics to choose from! Family, friends, movies, sports, our past, our future and yes, we also think about what others think! We do most of the thinking for others and the others do the thinking for someone else and it goes on. We are scared, apprehensive about what people will think about us, and we are eager to know what they think about us.

Shriya was making Biryani on a Sunday morning. She was checking the taste and found it little salty. She started thinking about it. “The Biryani is little salty. I will have to adjust it somehow if we want to eat it. I still remember the salty Pasta we had at Rohini’s house last week. I had to keep a straight face! Though the pasta was salty, the dress Rohini was wearing was so pretty and looked so good on her. The sleeveless dress really suited her. I wish I could wear such dresses too. I love wearing sleeveless but last time I had worn I remember someone had commented that I have bulky arms. I think that was the last time I wore it. Every time I think of wearing it, I remember that comment and feel awkward wearing it. It is such a lovely top. Hmm. Maybe I should start doing arm exercises and then wear. Yeah, I should do that. I’ll do it from tomorrow.” and the thoughts went on and on….

Nishant wanted to quit his job in the US after being there for 10 years and come back to India. But he feared the return of the “loser” tag that his friends had given him during college.   

Vidya saw a video of her granddaughter sky diving. The thought of being the sky at that height was so exciting and she wanted to try it out so much. “Being 65 years old, if I even mention this, people will laugh at me. Anyways, I don’t think they will allow me”, she assumed.

17 year old Rahul hated social media networking. But he had accounts in facebook, Instagram, twitter, and everything else that was available, since he did not want his friends to think that he was weird.

Whatever we want to do in our life, we either hesitate or don’t do it at all. We are worried about “what will people think?” We get so lost in this thought, that we end up losing ourselves. Is it worth it? Well, this thought is definitely worth thinking over!

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