Choices we make

The choices we make, dictate the lives we lead” – William Shakespeare

Friends, family, classmates who start from the same point in lives end up at different places, positions. We see that people we know are working at different positions, maybe one is a successful entrepreneur, one works in a top position in one of the biggest companies, while many are working in mediocre jobs. Have you ever wondered why the outcomes are so diverse? Well, one of the reasons is the choices we make.

John and Jai are very good friends. Jai chooses to focus on his studies and works very hard. John on the other hand joins courses he likes and is not able to spend as much time in studying. They graduate together. John scores 60 % and Jai scores 96 %.

Raj and Sara are colleagues in a high stress job in an IT company and they have been slogging for 20 years. Raj is unable to take the pressure and considering that he’s worked for 20 years and has considerable investment, decides to quit, and take up consulting jobs to keep him busy. Sara is totally stressed out, but she is not able to let go the comfort of the text message that comes on the 1st of every month and continues to work.

After 10 years, Jai is in a senior position in his dream company earning a fat paycheck. John is running his own company that is doing very well. Raj is an independent consultant and an author who has written plenty of books based on his experiences. Sara is the VP of her company.

Different choices, different outcomes. And if we think about it, it totally depends on who is making the choice and the point where they are, in their lives.

We might look back and feel different, but where we stand today is due to the choices we’ve made at different intersections of our life.

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